Nov 152012

Google – last day of month php – and you’ll get over 15,000,000 results.  It’s amazing how many people have searched for this & how many roundabout ways there are to accomplish what should be a simple task.

Here is the simplest way (that I know of) to get the last day of the month using PHP.

Get last day of the current month

$lastday = date(‘t’,strtotime(‘today’));

 Get last day of next month

$lastday = date(‘t’,strtotime(‘next month’));

Get last day of any other month
Enter any month/day/year to get the last day of that month

$lastday = date(‘t’,strtotime(‘3/1/2009’));

If you want to display the last day of this month on your website, do the following:

echo date(‘t’,strtotime(‘today’));

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