May 222012

Assalamu’ alaikum wr wb

Sebelumnya terimakasih kepada mas Didik Pratama ( berkat bimbingan dan nasihatnya juga saya bisa menyelesaikan aplikasi ini (Aplikasi Hotel), semoga beliau selalu di beri kesehatan dan rejeki yang banyak, barokah, halal.

Untuk detailnya silakan masuk ke sini :

Wassalamu’ alaikum wr wb

Nov 152011

Assalamu’ alikum wr wb

Setelah lama mencari – cari, perbaikan pada MySQL Workbench, akhirnya menemukan juga path untuk MySQL Workbench pada ubuntu 11.10.


Sebelumnya maaf bagi yang tidak tau apasih kegunaan dari MySQL Workbench. Tools ini adalah sebuah alat untuk memanagement pada MySQL jadi hampir sama dengan SQL-Interprice kalo di SQL – Server. cuman ada beberapa kelebihan terutama para ERD, jadi kita akan mudah dalam desain system kita.

lanjut pada versi ubuntu sebelumnya MySQL Workbench  berjalan dengan lancar, cuman pada ubuntu 11.10 ada beberapa bug yang mungkin akan terasa mengesalkan,Ok Langsung saja bagi yang mau menggunakan bisa langsung download ke sini :

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb

Feb 102011

Assalamu’ alaikum wr wb

Sekedar sebuah info.

Barusan berselancar di google dan mencari aplikasi untuk membuat installer windows biar bisa di masukkan ke USB dapat deh PeToUSB dan link menuju ke Saya sempat kaget ini webnya sourceforge ngak sih kok beda, sempat merasa curiga juga, perhatikan url betul kok cuman dengan tampilan yang berbeda, lebih simple. berikut tampilan di firefox saya.

wassalamu’ alaikum wr wb

Jan 312011

CodeIgniter 2.0.0 Released

Today EllisLab and the CodeIgniter Reactor Engineers are proud to announce the first official release of CodeIgniter 2.0.0, which is being released in two flavors:

CodeIgniter Core

Core is a slow-moving branch that will be used as the base for EllisLab commercial products such as ExpressionEngine and MojoMotor. It will continue at a similar pace that CodeIgniter has in the past and will be useful for large commercial applications that require the upmost in stability and backward/forward compatibility at a pace more typical of SLA backed Enterprise products.  Core is publicly available with tagged downloads at BitBucket.

CodeIgniter Reactor

Reactor is a community driven branch of CodeIgniter that will enable faster adoption of the best community submitted code to the framework. This means the community can create a fork of the project on BitBucket and contribute bug fixes, new features, documentation improvements, etc and have it reviewed by a code-review team called Reactor Engineers. These Engineers are primarily responsible for driving the development of the framework.

Changes and features made by EllisLab to Core will be merged into Reactor, and EllisLab will actively contribute to Reactor’s development.  Reactor is the recommended version of CodeIgniter for use in the majority of day to day work. When you see “CodeIgniter” by itself on this web site, it is referring to CodeIgniter Reactor.  The downloads, documentation, and forums all reflect this change.  Put simply, Reactor = CodeIgniter.

Some of the big changes to happen in CodeIgniter 2.0 since CodeIgniter 1.7.3 are:

  • Support for PHP 4 is gone, PHP 5.1 is now a requirement.
  • CSRF Protection built into the form helper
  • Drivers
  • Application Packages
  • Scaffolding, having been deprecated for a number of versions, has been removed.
  • Removed the deprecated Validation Class.
  • Plugins have been removed, in favor of Helpers.
  • Added routing overrides to the main index.php file, enabling the normal routing to be overridden on a per “index” file basis.
  • Added $route[‘404_override’] to allow 404 pages to be handled by controllers.
  • 50+ bugs fixed

Reactor contains all of these above and some nice changes of its own:

  • Full query-string support
  • Automatic base_url detecion if left blank
  • New Cache driver with file system, APC and memcache support
  • Command line compatibility for easy cron jobs
  • 20+ tweaks and improvements

Have a look at the change log for the full list of improvements and enhancements.

The Engineer team is also working on, or close to completing these features for a future Q1 release:

User Guide Note Contribution

Users will soon be able to contribute notes to each page in the user guide in the fashion that currently allows. This will make CodeIgniter’s already-extensive documentation even more useful as time goes on. The new comment system is versioned, which will allow obsolete comments to be pruned from newer version without affecting older ones.

Authentication Driver

A common request for a long time (and with almost 800 votes on UserVoice) is an Authentication library. This is something we would like to do if the right solution and approach can be found, but it will take time and a lot of work to make a solution generic enough for everyone without being overly complex.

A More Object-like Model

A backward-compatible tweak currently in testing is a feature that allows active-record results to be returned as instances of the models they represent. This will allow for a more semantic approach to dealing with database rows.

CodeIgniter is now a much more community-oriented framework than it has been in the past. You can submit pull requests via BitBucket or Phil’s GitHub mirror. You’ll also see new releases far more frequently.

What are you waiting for?  Download it now and start cloning!

– The Reactor Team

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